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Company Overview

  • 1989 Founded in Taiwan,Taipei
  •    Leading mobile rugged computing brand
  • 1,375+ Patents 
  • 22 Operational Sites
  • 10,339 Employees 
Founding History

In 1989, GE Aerospace and MiTAC, Inc. established Getac Corporation as a joint venture to supply electronic and information processing equipment to the Taiwanese defense sector. During the 1980s, the U.S. government encouraged collaboration between domestic advanced electronic firms and foreign enterprises to strengthen their competitive positions in the international marketplace. GE Aerospace—the second-largest aerospace electronics supplier to the U.S. government at the time—set its sights on MiTAC, one of Taiwan’s largest computing conglomerates. The goal of this collaboration was to create an independent, locally managed electronics company to supply cost-effective products to Taiwan’s defense sector. The two companies were a perfect fit; both had exceptional quality control standards in place, allowing for the smooth introduction of advanced manufacturing processes. The parties moved quickly, signing the collaboration agreement, and Getac was born.

Company Milestones
  • 1989 Getac Corporation was established as joint venture with GE Aerospace in 1989
  • 1994 Introduced mobile industrial PC and antenna communication for avionics system.
  • 1998 Getac Corporation merged with the NB division of MiTAC International Corporation. Getac Corporation was renamed MiTAC Technology Corporation.
  • 2001 Ranked in the 7th place as the Fastest Growing Enterprise in Three Years, according to the 2000 Taiwanese Manufacturer Survey by Business Weekly, and ranked in the 9th place among system manufacturers.
  • 2002 Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE:3005)
  • 2002 Successfully manufactured Taiwan's first LCD computers combining audio function and household appliance interface.
  • 2005 Indirectly invested US$15 million in MiTAC Precision Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. to strengthen vertical integration and elevate overall competitiveness.
  • 2006 Ranked 30th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 based on the Company's growth percentage of 615% in three years (2003-2005).
  • 2007 Merged with MiTAC Precision Technology Corporation to expand the competitiveness and scale of the comprehensive mechanical solution business division (plastic mechanical parts and metal stamping parts).
  • 2008 Established Getac (Suzhou) Mobile Ltd. in Jiangsu, China, to satisfy business requirements and expand the Chinese markets.
  • 2009 Invested in Waffer Precision Metallic Technologies (Changshu) Co., Ltd. as an entry to the light metal automotive part industry for strengthening the company's synergy in industrial cooperation.
  • 2009 Invested in the global top 3 light metal manufacturing plant Waffer Technology Corporation(TSE: 6235) to magnify the company's synergy in industrial cooperation.
  • 2009 Renamed Getac Technology Corporation to develop its own brand (former name MiTAC Technology Corporation)
  • 2010 Invested in National Aerospace Fastener Corporation (TSE:3004) to maximize the company's synergy in industrial cooperation.
  • 2010 Getac Technology Corporation received the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Innovation Achievement Award - Excellence in Innovation Enterprise Award.
  • 2010 Getac PS236 and PS535 rugged hand-held products received the COMPUTEX d&i awards; Getac V100 rugged laptop computer and PS236 rugged hand-held product obtained the Best Choice Award.
  • 2011 Established a second automotive part production base, MiTAC Computer (Vietnam) Co. Ltd., in Que Vo Industrial Zone, Van Duong, Vietnam, to increase the Company's business in automobiles.
  • 2012 Fully rugged laptop computer X500 won the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award.
  • 2013 Received the Second Taiwan Mittelstand Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau.
  • 2014 Established liaison offices in India and Russia to sell and promote the Company's rugged computing solutions.
  • 2015 Invested in WHP Workflow Solutions LLC. to develop integrated software/hardware solutions
  • 2016 Getac and Ingram Micro cooperated to develop the sales network of rugged computers in Western Europe.
  • 2016 Getac cooperated with the international logistic leader, DHL, which will provide after-sales and repair services for Getac's rugged computing products in European countries.
  • 2016 Rated by the global branding consultancy, Interbrand, as the Top 35 most valuable brand in Taiwan in 2016.
  • 2017 Established liaison office in France to sell and promote the Company's rugged computing solutions.
  • 2017 Subsidiary, MiTAC Computer (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. was renamed Getac Precision Technology Vietnam Co.,Ltd.; Waffer Precision Metallic Technologies(Changshu)Co.,Ltd. was renamed Getac Precision Technology (Changshu) Co.,Ltd.
  • 2017 “S410 Semi-rugged Notebook” and “Body-worn Camera” received the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Mark(s).
  • 2018 Acquire WHP Workflow Solutions Inc. in US to expand Getac Video Solution business.
  • 2018  Getac received the prestigious HR Asia Award as the Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2018, Taiwan Edition.
  • 2018 “MX50 Rugged Tablet” received the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Mark.
  • 2019  Getac received the prestigious HR Asia Award as the Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019, Taiwan Edition.
  • 2019  “S410 Semi-rugged Notebook”  received the Japan Good Design Award.
  • 2019  Getac received TCSA (Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards) for  both“Corporate Comprehensive Performance” and “Corporate Sustainability Report .”
  • 2019  Getac was accredited as a “Healthy Workplace” by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • 2020 “S410 Semi-rugged Notebook” received the iF design award .
  • 2020  Getac was ranked as the top 6-20% of listed companies by the Taiwan Stock Exchange in the 6th Corporate Governance Evaluation.
  • 2020  Getac received “The Exercise Enterprise Certification” by Sports Administration, Ministry of Education.
  • 2021  Getac Technology Corporation Announced Transformation to Investment Holding Company, and change name to “Getac Holdings Corporation” (hereinafter referred to as “Getac Holdings”)
  • 2021  James Hwang, Chairman of Getac Holdings Corporation won the first national prize in the "Outstanding Business Leader" category of the National Brand Yushan Award.
  • 2022  Getac Holdings Corporation and its eight subsidiaries have obtained ISO14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory verification.
  • 2022  Getac Holdings Corporation upgraded former " ESG Committee" from management to board level.
  • 2023  Technology Corporation, for the third time, has been named HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Taiwan 2023.
  • 2023  Getac X600 Fully rugged mobile workstation series wins 2023 Good Design Award and The Silver Award at the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards.
  • 2023  The subsidiaries MPT Solution (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., MPT Solution (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Getac Technology (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. have been recognized as 3A Green Factory in Suzhou, China.
 Business Scope

Getac offers the most extensive product lines including electronic system products and mechanical solutions. Our business strategy is focused on high value-added products. We are committed to researching and developing technologies that differentiate us from others, thereby maximizing value for our dearest customers.
Our primary business activities include:

  • Rugged Computing Solutions

    Getac Rugged Solution Business Unit (RSBU) sells Getac rugged notebook, tablet, and handheld devices across 80 countries worldwide, making Getac the leading international supplier of rugged computers. With technology as support and to provide professional users the most comprehensive products and services, Getac also offers customization service and integrated solution to help our customers overcome their challenges.

  • Mechanical Solutions

    Getac Mechanical Solution BG is renowned for its Multi-medium Heat & Cool Molding (MHCM) and double injection, and combines advanced surface processing technologies to provide high-quality, high-yield, and aesthetic composite mechanical parts.

  • Automotive Parts

    Getac Automotive BG specializes in die-casting of aluminum and magnesium alloy, tooling, and CNC machining. Since our inception in 2006, we have built a strong business relationships with numerous prestigious international automotive suppliers. Our annual seat belt spindles and spools shipments has reached over 140 million pieces in 2016.

  • Aerospace Fasteners

    The primary affiliate of Getac, National Aerospace Fasteners Corporation (NAFCO; TSE:3004), is an international aerospace fastener manufacturer that has received the AS9100 Aerospace Quality System Certification. NAFCO is focused on the production of Bolts, nuts, and connectors for aircraft engine and airframe. Our products are made of rigid, temperature-resistant metals. In addition to our standard parts, products can also be customized to customers' needs.