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Automotive Parts

Die-casting Mechanical Solution for Automotive

Getac manufactures professional die-cast magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy automotive parts and components for tier-one automotive suppliers around the globe. We received prestigious IATF16949 quality certification, as well as ISO-14001 environmental certification. Safety and quality are at the forefront of our approach to business, our products are manufactured from the highest-quality raw materials with exceptional dimensional stability, durability, precision and accuracy to function properly under the most demanding conditions.


.Aluminum alloy is lightweight, rigid, easy to cast, and able to tolerate high temperature during die casting

.Magnesium alloy is lightweight, which makes it the first choice of material for lightweight automotive designs. Magnesium alloy can be recycled and then dissolved for reuse, which increases the recyclability of automotive wastes.

Aluminum Alloy

Steering wheel armature,Seat belt spindles & spools, Airbag container, Airbag cover, Electronic throttle control body, Heat sink, Headlamp and headlamp frame, and Cooling fans.

  • Steering Wheel Armature1
A Steering Wheel Armature is the inner most metal framework of a steering wheel, the most fundamental structure that takes charge of a vehicle's steering control, therefore the most important safety component in the vehicle.
  • Steering Wheel Armature2
  • Automobile Seat Belt Spool1
The Seat Belt Spool is one of key components of the seat belt module. Besides accommodating and releasing the seat belt, the spool will stop the movement of the length of seat belt in the event of colliding incident, holding the passenger tightly to the seat, protecting the passenger.
  • Automobile Seat Belt Spool2
  • Tube Cover, Automobile Seat Belt Reel1
The Tube Cover to the seat belt reel is a component of the seat belt module. This cover is installed matching the seat belt reel of a Pre-tensioner Seat Belt.
  • Tube Cover, Automobile Seat Belt Reel2
  • Electronic Throttle Control Body1
An Electronic Throttle Control connects with the engine and intrinsically affects the engine performance.
  • Electronic Throttle Control Body2
  • Housing of Electronic Controller Module, Automobile Air Bag1
The housing of the air bag electronic controller module is used for the protection of electronic devices of the Supplemental Restraint System Control Module (SRSCM). In the event of a frontal collision at a certain speed, this SRSCM will activate the air bag when receiving the signal sent by a collision sensor in the head, so as to protect the passenger.
  • Housing of Electronic Controller Module, Automobile Air Bag2
  • Base Plate, Automobile Steering System Controller1
The mechanical steering system is fully driven by driver's physical effort, which is far from ideal in "effort-saving" and "sensibility appeal" ; therefore most modern vehicles adopt power steering system. The Power Steering System requires less than half the effort needed for a mechanical steering system to enable a diversion.
  • Base Plate, Automobile Steering System Controller2

Magnesium Alloy

Glove box frame, Airbag container, Housing of windshield wiper gear box.

  • Glove Box Frame1
The Glove Box Frame is installed in front of the co-driver's seat. This model of glove box, controlled for open and close with high-end electronics, is widely applied in top class Recreation Vehicles in Germany.
  • Glove Box Frame2
  • Air Bag Container1
The Air Bag Container is a part of the air bag module that engulfs the air bag and holds the gas generator. The container is made of magnesium alloy by die-casting, a processing method using a light-weight design concept, and is different from and superior to conventional metal stamping.
  • Air Bag Container2
  • Housing, Windshield Wiper Gear Box1
The windshield wiper is another key element of automobile safety. It must be capable of effective removal of rain, snow or stains from the windshield, giving the driver a clear sight of the road; its material must be endurable to temperature differences and corrosive chemicals. Made of light-weighted design of Magnesium Alloy, the Housing of Windscreen Wiper Gear Box manufactured by Getac Precision Technology protects windshield wiper parts effectively.
  • Housing, Windshield Wiper Gear Box2

Sophisticated Die Design Capability

In-house Die Design and manufacturing

The ability to develop dies is our foremost value because a good die design affects the final product quality. In addition to using precision processing equipment and advanced CAD software for modeling of part disassembly processes, we interacted with customers to recommend suitable designs that would further perfect the products of their desire.

Continuous Innovation To Maximize Precision, Realiabilty and Safety

Automated Production And Quality Product

Getac believe that quality stems from perseverance and attention to detail, using precision testing instruments to control and manage production processes. These instruments include ATOS 3D Scanner, CT Scan, and Coordinate Measuring Machine. We continues to grow and refine our manufacturing capabilities, investing in factory automation at each step of the process—from raw material delivery, precision trimming, tumbling, machining and cleaning to finished parts inspection and packing—all to improve productivity and quality, taking our products to the next level.

Award Recognition Of Quality & Innovation

Pursuit of Excellence

Our products have obtained international certifications from ISO14001 and IATF16949 International Automotive Industry Quality Management System, received multiple international certifications from top-level automotive suppliers, and were the recipient of the best supplier awards on several occasions. The honors we have received thus far have granted us the experiences and opportunities to constantly transfer our skills to excel in our innovative performances and provide customers with better value-added services.

Getac Automotive Business Group specializes in die-casting of aluminum and magnesium alloy, tooling, and CNC machining. Since our inception in 2006, we have built a strong business relationships with numerous prestigeous international automotive suppliers. Our annual seat belt spindles and spools shipments has reached over 140 million pieces in 2016. Our main businesses are operated in Getac Precision Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd., which is located in Changshu, China, and Getac Precision Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd., which is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Both companies are key subsidiaries fully-owned by Getac Technology Corporation.