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Sustainability Report




To everyone who is concerned with the sustainability of Getac,

In 2018, the global economy was turbulent affected by the Brexit and the China-US trade war and the industry began to think about the re-deployment of the global supply chain. The speech declared by the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping “Accelerating the reform of the ecological civilization system and building a beautiful China” highlighted the fact that China's environmental regulations are turning stricter and manufacturers must comply with high environmental standards, otherwise they will face a crisis of being eliminated. Therefore, modern enterprises must not only strive for business performance, but also for environmental performance and corporate governance performance in order to meet the expectations of stakeholders from all walks of life.

In 2018, Getac's consolidated revenue and net profit after tax continued to hit a new record in the past decade. In the sustainable accomplishment, Getac also continues to motivate to incoporate the sustainability policy into daily operations. Based on the United Nations' 17 “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” as the guiding policies, Getac takes four of them as the Company's short and medium term development focus on ESG (Economic, Social and Environmental) sustainability policies, including “Promoting Economic Growth.” “Promoting Industrial Innovation,” “Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production Models” as well as “Fair and High-quality Education” to ensure that the Company is able to integrate the sustainability policies into the international standards and enhance the Company's sustainable competitiveness.

Upholding an upright, honest and law-abiding business management, in 2018, Getac scrupulously abides by the relevant laws and regulations for TWSE/GTSM-Listed Companies, and actively promotes the effectiveness of corporate governance at the same time. During the period of 2018, Getac aims to strengthen the operation and structure of the Board of Directors, strengthen information transparency, and safeguard shareholders' rights and interests as well as treat shareholders equally and other aspects to perform a number of improvement measures, including the introduction of Board of Directors performance assessments, preparation of setting up the Audit Committee related operations, strengthening the disclosure of English version financial reports and information, and holding the number of investor conferences that more than the requirements of laws and regulations, maintaining the yield at 5-7% for three consecutive years. In 2018 “The 5th Corporate Governance Evaluation” Getac successfully upgraded one rank and ranked 21-35% in the 868 listed companies. Getac takes the corporate governance standard as an example with the ultimate goal of entering the top 5% corporate governance evaluation, improves itself and upgrades year by year.

On environmental protection-related issues, global carbon reduction is an established trend. Getac upholds the concept of responsible consumption and production, aims to reduce the three wastes, and responds to the commitment of international greenhouse gas reduction at the same time. In the past four years, the compound growth rate of Getac's revenue has exceeded 10%, with the growth of performance, we aim to reduce energy intensity and greenhouse gas emission intensity year by year. Starting from the two major directions of process and product energy conservation, in order to reduce the use of energy and slow down the greenhouse gas effect. Getac continues to promote the popularity of Green Molding green process. The MPT Vietnam Plant followed up in 2018, and all plants continued to reduce energy consumption by enhancing automation penetration and improving production quality and efficiency. In 2018, both energy intensity and greenhouse gas emission intensity decreased slightly compared with that of in 2017.

In addition, Getac also started from product energy-saving design to reduce energy consumption. In 2018, the rugged computer sold by Getac is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 2.62 million metric tons per year. In corporate pollution prevention, we do not dare to slack off. Getac has been awarded the Gold Certification by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) for three consecutive years, which symbolizes the high detachability of the electronic equipment designed by Getac, and our efforts in reducing electronic garbage. In response to the 2018 China's new regulations to levy environmental protection taxes, the Company's East China Plants introduced new environmentally friendly waste gas and wastewater filtration equipment, compliance emissions are declared according to law, emissions are below the minimum standards and not levied, other factories will introduce the new environmentally friendly waste gas and wastewater filtration equipment in the future depending on the conditions, aiming at zero emission of wastewater, reducing harm to environment and lowering the operational risks.

Creating Getac as an excellent and responsible enterprise is the common belief of the Getac management team. In addition to meeting the expectations of all walks of life, Getac also hopes to create a better and safer working environment and atmosphere for our employees. We are based on “Happiness Enterprise, Safe Workplace” as the appeal, moving forward from employees’ care, substantial compensation and benefits system and providing international development opportunities as the core axis scheme. In 2018, the Taiwan Headquarters and the US Branch won the HR Asia Best Enterprise Employer Award and the US Small Medium Enterprise Best Place to Work Honor for two consecutive years. This affirmation gives us more motivation and encouragement to continue moving forward.

It has been more than 29 years since the founding of Getac and is preparing to move to its 30th anniversary. As the longevity of modern enterprise becomes shorter and shorter, it is worthwhile for us to reflect one step further on how to maintain sustainable competitiveness for the next 30 years. Looking forward to the future, Getac will continue to create more high value-added products and foster the Company's sustainable competitiveness, invest more resources in environmental protection, safeguard human rights, social welfare, and fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizenship.

James Hwang
Chairman, Getac Technology Corporation



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