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2017 School Recruitment in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan


Thousands of University Freshmen Witnessing the Ruggedness of Getac Special Operations Force
2017 Call for Troops in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan

(March 10, 2017 Getac Technology, Taipei) Getac Technology Corporation began its recruitment on March 5, 2017, sending in the Getac Scout Special Operations Force (SOF) to announce its recruitment for university students and graduates and its call for new troops that are capable of changing the world. Dressed up as police officers, health professionals, and public servants, the Getac SOF equipped themselves with Getac's renowned rugged computers for industrial applications, including the V110 fully rugged 360 tablet computer, F110 fully rugged tablet computer, and the RX10H fully rugged tablet computer for medical use, demonstrating the rugged performance that Getac takes pride in to all newbies. Thousands of students and graduates were attracted to Getac's booth, fighting to make inquiries about career opportunities at Getac.

The Chairman of Getac James Hwang expressed that, "Talent diversity is one of our strategies for recruitment. We hope to attract more ambitious, young leaders to join us and work with us toward developing the international market. This year, we received 50% more applications than previous year, and this suggest that youngsters nowadays are extremely interested in developing their career in branded companies. We also had several foreign students asking us about job opportunities at Getac. We welcome people from different countries to join us because this way, we are able to inject more innovation capacity into the company, thus creating an open, diversified corporate culture. Successful applicants will be assisted with work permit application pursuant to law."

The 2017 Getac Campus Recruitment event was also held on March 12 and 18 at the National Cheng Kung University and National Tsing Hua University, respectively, targeting outstanding elites who are ambitious, responsible, proactive, and aspire to challenge the international stage. Popular job vacancies include BIOS software R&D engineer, software R&D engineer, hardware R&D engineer, mechanical engineer, radio frequency R&D engineer, computer graphics engineer, and sales associate responsible for foreign markets. Potential recruits include students/graduates with expertise in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, information management, telecommunication, and communication engineering, and those who are proficient in English or French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Graduates, connoisseurs, or potential substitute service draftees for research and development work are invited to become a member of Getac and work together with us to bring about change and make a difference.

In addition to filling out the application form online at the career campus recruitment booth on the day of the event, applicants could also talk face to face with R&D engineers of Getac at the booth, who will not only tell them about what the jobs entail and share current industry situations but also respond to their questions and help them gain a better understanding of where their interest lies.

Getac offers competitive remuneration and benefit systems. In addition to mid-year bonuses, year-end bonuses, and R&D patent innovation rewards, subsidies for English lessons, employee travel, and social clubs are also provided to encourage self-fulfillment and balance in physical and mental development among employees. Getac welcomes all interested applicants to visit our booth or contact our HR department for detailed explanations of career opportunities at Getac (hrd.taipei@getac.com.tw)