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Getac Announcement of the company's Ex-dividend date

Announcement of the company's Ex-dividend date
1.    Date of the resolution determined by the board of directors, shareholders' meeting or the company: June 10, 2019
2.    Types of Ex-rights (dividend): Ex-Dividend
3.    Types and amounts of dividends issued: Cash dividends are distributed, and NT$3 is allocated per share.
4.    Ex-rights (Ex-dividend) trading day: July 4, 2019
5.    Last transfer date: July 5, 2019
6.    Start Date of Book Closure: July 6, 2019
7.    End Date of Book Closure: July 10, 2019
8.    Record Date of Ex-Dividend: July 10, 2019
9.    Other matters that should be stated:
I.    The allocation of cash dividend in the above is based on the number of shares qualified for allocation as of 31 January, 2019. Should later the allocation of dividends need to be changed due to increase or decrease of the number of qualified shares, the chairman is authorized to make necessary adjustments to handle relevant matters. 
II.    Payment Date of Cash dividends: July 31, 2019