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Sustainability Report



Commitment To Sustainability

Since the end of 2018, the United Nations' Climate-related Committee has repeatedly warned that the world must reduce carbon emissions significantly by 2030, and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. Whether temperature rise can be controlled at 1.5C will be the key turning point of major changes for the human living environment.

At the end of the same year, the 24th Conference of Parties (COP24) of the United Nations, the General Assembly passed the “Paris Rulebook” as the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement, including the transparency framework and verification methods of climate plans for all countries, and relevant regulations and standards of all parties in the Agreement. Carbon emission-related reduction measures are imperative. In addition to the imminent carbon reduction measures on the international system, the strength of China's environmental protection regulations have also increased. The first “Green Tax System,”  the “Environmental Protection Tax law” were levied on January 1, 2018, and there were a series of environmental related laws and regulations started implementation in 2018.

As a member of the global citizenship, in addition to our own support and compliance with the important international initiatives, Getac also calls on all supply chain partners to jointly practice, including the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), rejects conflict minerals and actively responds to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to jointly promote environmental improvement. Synchronizing with the international trends and incorporating the material issues concerned by the stakeholders into sustainable planning, enabling Getac Technology Corp. to grow steadily in the changing environment.
Getac CSR Committee
In order to promote sustainability affairs, Getac established the Corporate Sustainability Development Committee (hereafter as CSR Committee. The committee acts as the decision-maker and promoter of Getac's corporate social responsibilities and sustainable management.

The committee is chaired by the chairperson of the board, who may appoint or dismiss members as needed, in order to assist with implementing sustainability tasks. An implementation and promotion team under the jurisdiction of the committee is charged with the responsibility to promote and follow-up on the committee's resolutions. The chairperson assigns high-level managers of the business divisions to serve as the standing committee members, and sets up five functional teams. The teams' members are comprised of tier-1 managers, each of whom is responsible for the promotion of economic, environmental, or social matters pertaining to sustainability issues within the scope of their duties.

Team members follow the committee's decisions and are authorized to take charge of the administration, environmental safety and health, manufacturing center, industrial safety, R&D, marketing and public relations, legal affairs, finance and accounting, human resources, and business management divisions, thereby integrating the sustainability policies with daily affairs, in order to fully implement the company's sustainability policies.


Getac Technology Corp. responds to SDGs
In order to respond to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations actively, Getac Technology Corp. conducted a comprehensive review of the seventeen goals of SDGs in 2018, in addition to refer to how the companies of other industry responded to SDGs, to discuss based on the Company's industrial attributes, actual applicable resources and performability, as well as expectations of stakeholders, the final resolution is based on four major Goals of promoting economic growth with Goal 8, promoting industrial innovation with Goal 9, ensuring sustainable consumption and production modes with Goal 12, and fair as well as high quality education of Goal 4 as the focused direction of the Company's short, mid-term sustainability policies and the action plans are divided into “Driving Force of Public Welfare” and “Driving Force of Corporation” to be implemented in its daily operations.

In terms of Driving Force of Public Welfare, integrate the planning with the “Getac Charity Trust Fund” and “Y.S. Award” to support the learning of economically disadvantaged family and promote industry-academia cooperation. In terms of Driving Force of Corporation, integrate the internal operating units to propose action plans for product energy conservation, process energy conservation, improvement of recycled materials, and reduction of three wastes (wastewater, exhaust gas and solid waste); and develop high value-added industry to enhance the Company value, create more job opportunities at the same time, to echo the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Identification Of Stakeholders
The opinions of stakeholders are an important basis for Getac's progress. In addition to timely communication and response of all departments according to their powers and responsibilities, and maintaining a smooth flow of opinions exchange, Getac Technology Corp. convenes Sustainable Development Committee with all members every year by the Chairperson of Committee to perform evaluation score operations in accordance with the AA1000 stakeholder Engagement Standard, scoring from five aspects of dependence, influence, multiple perspectives, responsibility and tension to identify key stakeholders, and ensure that the understanding of stakeholders by each department is updated and made progress constantly. The top five categories of stakeholders that Getac received the highest score in 2018 were Customers/Distributors, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers, and Government Agencies.

Material Topic Identification And Boundary Setting
With reference to the GRI Standards and the Supplier Codes of Conduct adopted by major international initiatives and benchmark companies, the company identified 28 sustainability issues in 2017 and used these as the basis for a questionnaire survey. Members of the CSR committee were invited to assess the impacts of these issues, and level of attention questionnaires were distributed to stakeholders. These results were cross-analyzed in order to obtain the materiality ranking. The chairperson then called a CSR committee meeting. Referring to the methods of benchmark companies, customer supply chain policy requirements, and international initiatives and trend developments, the members evaluated the ranking results and finally determined the material topics and boundary of disclosure for the year.

Selected 19 sustainable issues in 2018 through the questionnaires and discussions, identified 20 specific topics after corresponding with the specific topics of GRI standard, included four self-established topics and three new topics, reduced the topics of “Employers-employee Relations,” “Labor-management Relations,” “Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.”

 No   Category Major Material Topic Getac    HQ 
 (Includes Getac Linkou )
1 Economics Corporate Governance, transparency Of Information  Disclosure V              
2 Economics Economic Performance V V V V V V V  
3 Economics Intellectual property rights V              
4 Social Occupational health & safety V V V V V V V  
5 Economics Environmental/social/economic compliance V V V V V V V  
6 Economics Operational risk management V V V V V V V  
7 Social Information security and customer privacy V V V V V V V  
8 Social Child labor V V V V V V V V
9 Social Customer health and safety V V V V V V V  
10 Social Marketing and labeling V              
11 Economics Anti-competitive behavior V              
 12  Economicsl Anti-corruption V V V V V V V V
13 Environmental Effluents & waste V V V V V V V  
14 Social Forced or compulsory labor V V V V V V V  
15 Environmental Emissions V V V V V V V  
16 Social Training & education V V V V V V V  
17 Economics Supply chain management V V V V V V V V
18 Environmental Materials & product energy -saving V V V V V V V  
19 Environmental Energy V V V V V V V  
 20  Environmental Water and effluents V V V V V V V  

Stakeholder Communications
To implement CSR and integrate the needs and expectations of shareholders into Getac’s CSR policies, the company sets up diverse range of communication channels for stakeholders to communicate CSR-related issues concerning the dimensions of environment, society, and corporate governance. Meanwhile, stakeholder opinions were compiled to provide a reference for developing or revising CSR policies.

Stakeholders   Issues Of Concerns Communication Channels Frequency Getac's Response Methods
Employees          Child Labor Performance appraisal Annually Setup different types of communication channels to listen to the voices of employees; implement comprehensive performance evaluation system to facilitate communication among management levels.
Occupational health and safety Internal announcement Immediately
Training & Education Employee meeting  Annually
Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance Labor management meeting
/Supervisor meeting
Employment Training  Periodically
  Employee consultation mailbox
Organization Development Center
Andy Lin
Child Labor Customer service section on corporate website  Immediately
  • Customer service hotline and mailbox 
  • Hold partner conference
  • Auditing conducted by customers on Getac following the RBA
  • Regularly conduct customer satisfaction survey
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues

Intellectual Property Right Non-disclosure agreement  Immediately
Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information Disclosure Telephone customer service
Information Security & Customer Privacy Channel partner conference  Periodically
Energy & Water    Consumer service mailbox 
Roselyn Kao
Global Customer Service Center
Suppliers  Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information Disclosure Supplier visit     Immediately
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues
  • Supplier signs procurement contract
Operational Risk Management Supplier procurement contract Immediately
Anti-competitive Behavior Supplier audit platform Annually
Local Purchase Supplier query mailbox 
Joseph Tseng
Purchasing Center
Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information Disclosure Shareholders' meeting
/ Investor conference
  • Announce financial information according to law
  • Investor zone on corporate website
  • Annual report disclosure
  • Designated personnel respond to investors' inquiries
Operational Risk Management Corporate website and Market Observation post system Immediately
Economic Performance Investor query mailbox/ Hotline
Irene Sun
Corporate Relations Office
Anti-competitive Behavior    
Information Security & Customer Privacy    
Government     Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance Official documents 
  • Comply and communicate relevant matters.
  • Participate in governmental regulatory meetings to understand implementation of laws and regulations
  • Participate in courses by Taiwan stock exchang
Forced Or Compulsory Labor Regulatory meetings and training Periodically
Corporate governance、 Transparency Of Information Disclosure Seminars Periodically
Information Security & Customer Privacy Government contact mailbox
Legal Affairs

CSR Contact Information

We sincerely welcome any suggestions regarding this Report.
Irene Sun
tel: +886-2-2785-7888#5124
email: getac.csr@getac.com.tw

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  • We sincerely welcome any suggestions regarding this Report.

    Irene Sun
    Corporation Relations Office
    Email: Getac.csr@getac.com.tw

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    Lisa Kung
    Director of Auditing Office
    Email: gtcaudit@getac.com.tw